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22:38 Lighttpd Bug #2584: Patch for Resource leak
Hi, thx for bringing these problems to our attention. I'll answer here too for #2581, #2582 and #2583, because I can'...


18:26 Lighttpd Support: RE: .htaccess to lighttpd url rewrite Arduino-YUN

lighttpd always uses full paths (.htaccess rules are "relative" to the current directory), and paths always start w...


13:41 Lighttpd2 Revision 72011fbe: [mox_rewrite,mod_proxy,docs] fix request.raw_path handling (includes query-str...
12:18 Lighttpd2 Revision 2fe2af20: [docs] generate link back to index in sub pages
12:18 Lighttpd2 Revision ab60804b: [docs] fix typo
12:08 Lighttpd2 Revision b5eac154: [mod_proxy] use raw_path instead of re-encoded path
11:57 Lighttpd2 Revision 6e2ca4b8: [tests] small cleanups: use req_header.overwrite, no_docroot option
11:43 Lighttpd2 Revision 76c12e40: [mod_rewrite] rewrite_raw result gets decoded
11:16 Lighttpd2 Revision 4c741ce8: [core] expose request.raw_path as condition variable


14:02 spawn-fcgi Revision 75: - next is 1.6.5
From: Stefan B├╝hler <>

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