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20:32 Lighttpd Bug #2597 (Invalid): Concatenation operator and conditions are order-dependent in a non-obvious way
Sorry, as much as I agree with your intuition of how it should work, this is just not how it is. And we certainly won...


19:52 Lighttpd Revision 2969: [ssl] disable SSL3.0 by default
From: Stefan Bühler <>
19:52 Lighttpd Revision 2968: [mod_dirlisting,mod_redirect,mod_rewrite] abort config parsing if pcre-compile fai...
From: Stefan Bühler <>
19:52 Lighttpd Revision 2967: [build] use fortify flags with "extra-warnings"
From: Stefan Bühler <>


09:24 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighty in Cygwin
server.max-fds is most likely not supported, and therefore you are limited to 256 connections.
I recommend running...
09:20 Lighttpd Support: RE: Send a Virtual Host Request to another physical server
mod_proxy, but keep in mind this is a very simple module (HTTP/1.0 only, no websockets, don't push large responses th...
09:18 Lighttpd Support: RE: using REGEXP captures in statements and assignments
cy wrote:
> frustrating thing is, in lighttpd2 the "header.override" thing does let you set the header to %2/%3, fil...
09:14 Lighttpd Support: RE: It doesn't start :(
Could be apparmor/selinux restrictions.
09:12 Lighttpd Support: RE: Current release (lighttpd-1.4.35) cannot pass test harness "mod-auth.t"
Hi tianyin,
I think mod_auth requires lighttpd to be build with openssl for sha1 to work; the test framework doesn...


22:39 Lighttpd Support: RE: Multiple RST from lighttpd (probably correct).
Multiple RST are quite fine (compared to a single one); each packet will trigger a RST if the connection isn't valid ...

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