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23:11 Lighttpd Bug #2641 (Wontfix): silent fail on misspelled option name
If a variable name doesn't contain a dot (".") lighttpd will prepend "var." to the name, and there are no "unused var...


14:04 Lighttpd Bug #2608 (Duplicate): Request response time in lighttpd access log


10:23 spawn-fcgi Feature #2639: do not remove socket before use
Now that I actually tried it myself: you probably want to have a look at [[systemd]].
10:22 spawn-fcgi Wiki edit: Systemd (#2)
10:21 spawn-fcgi Wiki edit: WikiStart (#21)
10:21 spawn-fcgi Wiki edit: Systemd (#1)


21:59 Lighttpd Support: RE: Serve non-empty 0 byte sized files
Run it through some backend (fastcgi, cgi, ...); the static file backend will always want to rely on the file size re...


05:20 spawn-fcgi Feature #2639 (Wontfix): do not remove socket before use
and what would spawn-fcgi be doing if not creating, chowning and binding the socket?
you probably don't need it in...


09:29 Lighttpd Feedback: RE: Please update the 'standard' ssl cipher string recommendation
> The examples prefer ciphersuites with “Forward Secrecy” and ECDHE over DHE (alias EDH)
I think this is exactly h...


19:39 Lighttpd Bug #2632 (Invalid): lighthttpd crashed with signal 11
You got a kernel oops, and the backtrace looks completely corrupted (I don't think @connection_handle_write_prepare@ ...

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