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10:44 Lighttpd Bug #2277 (Wontfix): network.c does not compile on Solaris
10:42 Lighttpd Bug #2124 (Missing Feedback): mod_userdir does not treat %7E as ~
gstrauss wrote:
> Please mark fixed.
So far there was no bug I could reproduce, so there was no fix. Closing as "...
10:41 Lighttpd Bug #2131: max-request-size comparing mistake
gstrauss wrote:
> 1.5.x branch has been abandoned. Please withdraw ticket.
As long as the target version is 1.5.0...
10:39 Lighttpd Bug #2120 (Missing Feedback): lighttpd freezes under flood
08:56 Lighttpd Bug #2186 (Fixed): lack of output when lighttpd fails to start
08:51 Lighttpd Bug #2264 (Missing Feedback): Connections are not being accepted
08:51 Lighttpd Bug #2344 (Wontfix): HEAD requests for 0 byte files do not return the Content-Length header
It would have been nice to be able to distinguish between "not generated" (no Content-Length header) and "explicitly ...
08:48 Lighttpd Bug #2277: network.c does not compile on Solaris
@IPV6_V6ONLY@ has been defined in 2003; supporting IPv6 without @IPV6_V6ONLY@ seems not necessary to me.
If due to...


21:09 Lighttpd Bug #2598: Semantics of else clause looks strange
I probably should look into this soon... but I don't want to rush it.
21:05 Lighttpd Feature #2383: mod_alias: use alias directory as doc-root too
IIRC the intention was that the backend gets a "physical base directory" as docroot to search for application specifi...

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