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19:02 Lighttpd Support: RE: Oversized request-header
Wow, those iPad headers are really screwed up.
Increasing the size limit (e.g. 64k) might temporarily fix your pro...
13:04 Lighttpd Support: RE: Oversized request-header
A packet capture (tcpdump/wireshark) would probably be helpful to see what state lighttpd might have been in w...
12:23 Lighttpd Feature #2828 (New): Reproducible builds
Using @__DATE__@ and @__TIME__@ macros in C leads to non-"reproducible builds":


05:42 Lighttpd Bug #2827: POST to mod_cgi sometimes hangs
Why not just set the timeout to 1 (ms) when there are close requests pending (e.g. in @fdevent_poll@)? Also why is @f...


15:05 Lighttpd Feature #2824: inetd/wait mode with auto-shutdown after idle timeout
@SD_LISTEN_FDS_START@ is a constant from the header and is always 3; i.e. you need to @dup@ your fd(s) to 3 (and foll...
10:33 Lighttpd Support: RE: [Solved] wstunnel sample config
@nicorac: you probably need to click "watch" at the top of this page to subscribe to the topic. AFAICT (looking at th...
08:35 Lighttpd Feature #2824: inetd/wait mode with auto-shutdown after idle timeout
I somehow doubt this is going to be implemented in 1.4.46 :)
Anyway: I think it would be nice to support the syste...


20:49 Lighttpd Feature #2825: Systemd service should default to graceful stop
I already pointed you to commit:0ae6bab4a97f12a0c93200df36ac1741696eeed5 in


13:53 Lighttpd Development: RE: [Solved] mod_fcgi: treat scheme as case-insensitive when parsing absoluteURIs?
If we want to accept those unknown schemes we should still parse them in a sane way; handling them by prefixing with ...
01:16 Lighttpd Revision 428cd963: [lemon] fix gcc implicit-fallthrough warning

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