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06:39 Lighttpd Bug #2589: 40MB-100MB Quicktimes take minutes to load (CentOS, lighttpd 1.4.35, Chrome)
> - Downloading problem Quicktimes (rather than playing them) is near-instantaneous.
This makes it sound more like...


09:45 Lighttpd2 Revision 912b4601: [autobuild] fix configure to search for openssl in the specified paths


18:35 Lighttpd Support: RE: FastCGI blocks on the first CGI process
> The only way to make another FCGI process run, is to open a different URL instead. For example, if I copy t...


21:23 Lighttpd Feature #2587 (Wontfix): Support name lookups in server.bind
I don't see how your patch relates to IPv4/IPv6 - what you actually wanted is to support name lookups in server.bind ...


20:34 Lighttpd Support: RE: proxy a directory to another server
Our standard reply is: don't. It will most certainly screw up any URLs the backend generates. It's also hard to do wi...


22:01 Lighttpd Bug #2586: Memory leak when using readfile() in PHP over FastCGI
* Please respect the choices of members of the development team; an issue "reopening" (flame) war isn't going to get ...
07:16 Lighttpd Bug #2586 (Invalid): Memory leak when using readfile() in PHP over FastCGI
It's not a leak, it is going to be reused (memory management is a complicated issue; "memory fragmentation" is probab...


22:38 Lighttpd Bug #2584: Patch for Resource leak
Hi, thx for bringing these problems to our attention. I'll answer here too for #2581, #2582 and #2583, because I can'...


18:26 Lighttpd Support: RE: .htaccess to lighttpd url rewrite Arduino-YUN

lighttpd always uses full paths (.htaccess rules are "relative" to the current directory), and paths always start w...


13:41 Lighttpd2 Revision 72011fbe: [mox_rewrite,mod_proxy,docs] fix request.raw_path handling (includes query-str...

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