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19:25 Lighttpd Wiki edit: Docs_ModProxyCore (#51)


10:14 Lighttpd Bug #2676 (Invalid): [patch] few memory leaks and dereference pointer issues
Thanks for caring about code quality :)
* lemon.c is just a parser generator and is used only to build light...


20:54 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighttpd does not offer cipher suites ECDHE-ECDSA-*
ECDSA needs an ECDSA key, and you probably have an RSA key.


10:11 Lighttpd Revision 3045: [mod_auth] implement and use safe_memclear, using memset_s or explicit_bzero if av...
From: Loganaden Velvindron <>
10:11 Lighttpd Revision 3044: [core] check configparserAlloc() result with force_assert
From: Gaurav <>


13:18 Lighttpd Bug #2671 (Invalid): CVE-2014-2324 not patched in Ubuntu 14.04
If you want official security updates, don't use ubuntu.
Also see


06:05 Lighttpd Bug #2670 (Fixed): connection hangs when final cr/lf is in seperate packet
Applied in changeset r3043.
06:03 Lighttpd Revision 3043: [core] fix search for header end if split across chunks (fixes #2670)
From: Stefan Bühler <>
06:03 Lighttpd Revision 3042: [core] allocate at least 4k buffer for incoming data
From: Stefan Bühler <>
06:02 Lighttpd Bug #2670: connection hangs when final cr/lf is in seperate packet
r2979 introduced the bug; the local code looks like it could end up triggering an out-of-bounds read, but I couldn't ...

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