[Solved] Test and evaluation version of lighty with CyaSSL available for download

Added by stefonic about 14 years ago


Those of us on the yaSSL project ( have fielded a few requests from users to build Lighttpd with CyaSSL instead of OpenSSL. The motivation behind the requests was simple: Lighttpd with CyaSSL would be smaller and faster than with OpenSSL. We were additionally motivated because a port presents us with an opportunity to test and improve our OpenSSL compatibility layer.

Recently, we moved forward with the port for test and evaluation purposes. The results were as expected:

1. Lighttpd is 250kb smaller on 32 bit linux when built with CyaSSL.

2. Lighttpd is about 10% faster for SSL work when built with CyaSSL.

Our initial benchmarks were done on a fairly powerful development environment, with client and server on the same machine, and all settings being fairly standard. If you want more details on the set up, then email us at support (at) yassl (dot) com.

Our belief is that the performance delta would be more dramatic and even more critical on a resource constrained embedded systems environment running on a printer or car computer or router.

We also think the size reduction and performance improvement could amplify for those running on powerful systems with super high numbers of SSL connections and lots of web servers.

If you want to check out this experimental build, then you can download it here:

If you need support or want to report bugs for this experimental build, then just email us. If you want to try it out on another platform, we can help with that too.

Licensing: CyaSSL is GPL v2 and comes with the FOSS exception patterned after what MySQL does:

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RE: [Solved] Test and evaluation version of lighty with CyaSSL available for download - Added by gstrauss about 3 years ago

lighttpd works with wolfSSL (successor to CyaSSL) with the wolfSSL compatibility layer for openssl, combined with lighttpd mod_openssl.

There is a new standalone mod_wolfssl modules in the upcoming release of lighttpd 1.4.56.