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00:54 Lighttpd Revision a70cf6e5: [core] cache rev DNS for localhost for dir redir


18:31 Lighttpd Support: RE: Failed to read PID from file /var/run/ Invalid argument
Please note that your entire question is about systemd. This is a forum for lighttpd.
The mismatch is the reason ...
04:24 Lighttpd Wiki edit: 3rdPartySoftware (#15)
04:20 Lighttpd Feature #426 (Fixed): mod_auth_tkt for lighttpd
I just posted a real port of Apache mod_auth_tkt to lighttpd:


07:25 Lighttpd Feature #2924 (Fixed): Suboptimal keep-alive handling when request body is not read
Applied in changeset commit:629b16f188173b1d4d7434fc68fb85938b2fc582.
07:18 Lighttpd Revision 629b16f1: [core] send Connection: close if reqbody not read (fixes #2924)
send Connection: close if it is known that request body has not finished
being read and will not finish being read
07:14 Lighttpd Revision 96061c1e: [mod_auth] permit additional auth backends to load
(For testing purposes, allow for all current auth module backends
to be loaded and registered at the same time)
07:14 Lighttpd Revision ed6b8941: [core] define MD5_DIGEST_LENGTH 16
07:14 Lighttpd Revision e47ea5e2: [core] memeq compare rounded to 64, not next 1M
07:14 Lighttpd Revision b541b674: [core] use con->server_name for dir redir
use con->server_name for dir redir if con->server_name is not empty
and Host header not provided in request.

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