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14:17 Lighttpd Bug #2983 (Invalid): Litmus tests FAIL since 1.4.52
Nothing screams "I don't know what I am doing" more than filing a poor bug report. (Well, many things do, and this i...
03:43 Lighttpd Support: RE: Redirect Question
Please read the fine manual (the documentation) [[Docs_ModRedirect|mod_redirect]] and ask *much more specific* questi...


13:04 Lighttpd Support: RE: can't access /tmp and /var/tmp
> when I set bin-path to a exectuable in /tmp or /var/tmp , lighty failed to start
> what's wrong ?
This is not a...
03:04 Lighttpd Support: RE: how to cross-compile lighttpd
> is there like step-by-step guide how to cross-compile lighttpd?
Please start with 'man scons'.
Then, you migh...
03:01 Lighttpd Support: RE: url-rewrite fun
The %1 comes from the condition directly enclosing the url.rewrite* rule which is using %1, whether or not that condi...


13:48 Lighttpd Bug #2982 (Invalid): cgi file using shared memory
*Do not file a bug report to ask a question.* You can try the Forum tab above, but this question has very little to ...
06:15 Lighttpd Revision 5c3f439b: [build] PGSQL_CFLAGS with pkg-config for postgres (#2965)
build postgres modules with $(PGSQL_CFLAGS) in
"pg_config is deprecated to build postgres clien...
06:04 Lighttpd Revision e790203a: [build] PGSQL_CFLAGS with pkg-config for postgres (#2965)
"pg_config is deprecated to build postgres client applications"


13:27 Lighttpd Feature #2976: Digest auth nonces are not validated
I have updated the docs for [[Docs_ModAuth|mod_auth]] to be more explicit with the recommendations of RFC 7617 which ...
13:12 Lighttpd Wiki edit: Docs_ModAuth (#52)

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