HTTP/2 update/likelihood?

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I was wondering what the current thinking on HTTP/2 is? The last status update I can find by searching the discussion boards is over a year ago, "some day, but not soon". Even if the current situation is "no change since then - some day, but not soon", that'd be useful to know. I host a lot of sites with lighttpd and it'd be painful to move them to something else and recreate the configurations, but justifying foregoing the performance gains of HTTP/2 is painful on the other side.


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RE: HTTP/2 update/likelihood? - Added by gstrauss over 1 year ago

The issue tracker for HTTP/2 in lighttpd is #2813.

Support is far off, as major restructuring of code and data structures is needed.

In the meantime, you may consider putting a reverse proxy such as HAProxy in front of your lighttpd servers to handle things like HTTP/2, SSL-offloading, and load balancing.