[Abandoned] PVS-Studio Analysis Results

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RE: PVS-Studio Analysis Results - Added by gstrauss over 4 years ago

As written in #2934 (now deleted):

You ran a static analysis tool and it produced a lot of noise. That, per-se is not a bug in lighttpd.
Please post in the lighttpd developer forum if you would like to help analyze the output of the static analyzer.

Cut-n-paste of the URL into the developer forum is still a drive-by dump of noise.

Have you reviewed the results and identified anything worth looking at?

I took a look and none of the "High" importance revealed any bugs, though one instance did point to code that could be improved in mod_deflate.

Are you interested in helping to analyze output? Or are you simply trying to advertise PVS Studio?
If the latter, then I will probably delete this post. I have already deleted #2934.