[Solved] Override of core configuration options in conditional sections?

Added by dfraser almost 14 years ago

I probably overlooked one sentence in all this documentation, but this message may help someone else. After setting up a known to be working Symfony project on my new OS X box, I decided to use lighttpd as the web server instead of Apache. The install of everything on the live server (Debian) went quite smoothly, so I didn't expect much stress.

After everything was set up, things were failing because of Symfony choking on attempts to access a page where the path was all lowercase (with Symfony's routing capabilities, it can process the URL as a call to a function and case matters with PHP). I finally tracked down server.force-lowercase-filenames and OS X isn't case-sensitive... so that seemed to be why lighttpd was modifying the URL, etc. Great...

But setting server.force-lowercase-filenames to disable didn't work. After another 8 hours... (I went to bed), I tried one last thing - to set server.force-lowercase-filenames again in the conditional section where the vhost is defined that deals with the Symfony project.

That worked - so it seems server.force-lowercase-filenames is set back to the default (of 'enable' based on the fact that OS X is case-insensitive) under certain conditions?

My initial impression of how the core configuration options worked was that I could set them as global defaults in the main lighttpd.conf file (not within any conditional section) and then redefine them as needed in conditional sections.

Instead, it seems some or all or at least server.force-lowercase-filenames get reset within a conditional section (and the "global default" gets ignored). I presume I overlooked some detail about how the configuration options cascade, or are reused / redefined, but if so, that section ought to be in bold. I now feel I need to examine my entire setup to make sure I am not making any more incorrect assumptions.

There is the Global { } syntax but that section says "You don't need it in the main configuration file." which seems logical. I just tried to put server.force-lowercase-filenames in a global { } section and it did not work (it was reset in the conditional section). I am beginning to think this might be a bug.

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RE: Override of core configuration options in conditional sections? - Added by gstrauss about 7 years ago

appears this was fixed in b7cc84ab following your post here