Pre-Release 1.5 usage

Added by rabbitholez about 9 years ago

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has some feedback about using Pre-Release lighttpd-1.5.0-r1992 in production. My company has assigned me to research this product to replace Zeus. I notice a lot of folks online talking about 1.5.x being better than current release of 1.4.28. I am just curious if anyone can provide any feedback at all.

~Some Rabbit Dude.

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RE: Pre-Release 1.5 usage - Added by nitrox about 9 years ago

1.4.xx so far is the only released version. 1.5 never will see an official release and 2.0 is in the pipes. So either use 1.4.xx or try 2.0, tho 2.0 is not actually released and there´s only limited support, its performance is very promising but we need feedback.