Nothing to ask, just thanks :)

Added by ito over 8 years ago

I use Lihttpd since 3 years now (I work in adult industry, high web sites traffic).
I had Apache2 before and I tested Nginx too.
I do not know why people like so much Nginx, but what I can say is that lighttpd is the best compromise between performance and complexity of configuration ...
Never crashes, top performance and the legend of the crash if you allow a php file upload is just due to misconfiguration of the administrator ...
If you pay attention to Lighttpd it will take care of you too.
Forget the gossip that you can read on the web, Lighttpd is for me the best webserver today, congratulations to the developers for the quality of your work.

One of my site (adult content) uses Cloudflare front CDN / Lighttpd 1.4.35-4 with php5-xcache 3.2.0-1