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lighttpd.conf logic does not work as expected.

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The logic in lighttpd is totally borked 1.4.14 - 1.4.16. (versions i've tried) It is entirely too difficult to get the job done!

All I want to do is have one directory addressed by /git, served statically, outside of my fastcgi handler. I've come to the conclusion it can not be done by bruteforcing every possible combination of conditional, alias.* rewrite.* and document-root. Furthermore, the fastcgi 'else' is the most ridiculous syntax ever -- else in every language does not take a conditional, only /else? ?if/ and the fact that neither the if, nor the negation of the if can be triggered in some situations makes this all the less logical. So the syntax IF 1 {} else IF NOT 1 {} does not trigger in fastcgi. It is logically incorrect.

For instance observe the attached file : 1.conf and 2.conf, in 1.conf the path '/' returns 404, while in 2.conf, the path returns a 200 and gets executec by fastcgi.

The examples of this go on forever, in that same file: 1.conf '/git' serves me my fastcgi handler source, while '/git/subdir' returns a 404.

I came to lighty because I got my apps working in fastcgi, and I was sick of apache2-confs, I think the best route to go would be to RFC this and make sure the confs deliver the syntax that the users find the most intuitive. Maybe add a trac page asking users to submit what didn't work for them so we can discern patters about how things should work.


1.conf (723 Bytes) 1.conf EvanCarroll, 2007-08-25 23:55
2.conf (544 Bytes) 2.conf EvanCarroll, 2007-08-25 23:55
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The lighty logic is tristate, TRUE, FALSE, "cannot decide yet" - that is how it works, and it is by design.

Apart from that, this is a bug tracker, not a support forum.

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