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15:24 Lighttpd2 Revision c8bf6355: [tests] fix memcached and scgi-envcheck for python3; use asyncio
Change-Id: If3be7d98701d90c0374f625d1571140a100009df stbuehler
12:58 Lighttpd2 Revision 98ea1dc7: [contrib] add overrides for new mime types, regenerate mimetypes.conf
Change-Id: I6e0116b1f227c96eb98a6e45300030bc5cde72fd stbuehler
12:38 Lighttpd2 Revision 424e1a37: [core] Reset con->out (response body) queue counters (used by mod_accesslog) for keep-alive
Change-Id: Id644a71c808c8a3c73e476fddb6022177de8dd5f stbuehler
12:28 Lighttpd2 Revision d544ee10: [core] docs say empty log targets request not logging; actually implement that (went to stderr)
Change-Id: If71dc0b309c4e8221ecef877202d9a1a571ad5c6 stbuehler
10:45 Lighttpd2 Revision 7a343d47: [mod_acceslog]: fix log target reference in docs
Change-Id: If390d666db5e4952a64d545eb77ddf6e8f7ed9df stbuehler


16:50 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighttpd multiple SSL hosts using Server Name Indication (SNI)
Either add @-D@ when starting lighttpd or attach gdb (@-p $(pidof lighttpd)@) after you started it normally as system... stbuehler


10:17 Lighttpd Bug #3067: pedantic warning from -fsanitize=undefined
axe34, might I suggest you get a pcap (tcpdump) or a detailed strace (@-v -s 4000@) of the two connections so others ... stbuehler


09:26 Lighttpd Bug #3062: Server Aborted due to Malicious Data sent through CGI Sendfile
Also: if you don't trust your CGI scripts you shouldn't use CGI - instead you need to run them via a FastCGI wrapper ... stbuehler


08:23 Lighttpd Support: RE: [Solved] using websocket
(Even in perl @/@ is not fixed; you can also use @m#...#@ or @s#...#...#@) stbuehler


12:09 Lighttpd Support: RE: How do I turn on text file output from a PERL cgi script
Please fix your keyboard, the shift key seems to be stuck.
lighttpd doesn't do anything special about file permiss...

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