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Patch to add scoreboard info to ?auto in mod_status

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The attached patch adds the scoreboard to the text output generated by mod_status when requested with ?auto.

The added code is pretty much a copy and paste of the code the generates the scoreboard for the HTML generated page (the only difference is that it doesn't output a newline after every 50 items). In otherwords, it would be straight forward to create a common function both versions can use.

This code makes the output from mod_status?auto a little closer to that generated by apache and makes it easier to use some of the apache-focused monitoring tools with lighttpd.

I've used this patch for the last year on some heavily traffic sites (daily average of about 100req/s with peaks up to 1000req/s) with all versions of lighttpd since 1.4.13.

We use it with a custom lighttpd plugin for collectd ( If this patch gets acccepted into the lighttpd code base, I will be submitting that plugin as well as a second one for server-statistics to the collectd project.

Ultimately, I would like to create modules for lighttpd that gathers the necessary information and sends it to collectd, rather than having collectd request the server-status and server-statistics pages. That's for another day.

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mod_status-text-scoreboad.patch (891 Bytes) mod_status-text-scoreboad.patch /usr/local/src/lighttpd/lighttpd-1.4.18/src/mod_status-text-scoreboad.patch Anonymous, 2007-09-12 23:46

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FYI: the scoreboard is included with mod_status text output in lighttpd 1.4.40. lighttpd 1.4.40 also contains a mod_status json output option.


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