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net.inet.tcp.blackhole and spawn-fcgi

Added by Anonymous almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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When setting net.inet.tcp.blackhole > 0 on the FreeBSD, spawn-fcgi hangs trying to accomplish the connect syscall on 94'th line of the spawn-fcgi.c:

if (-1 == connect(fcgi_fd, fcgi_addr, servlen)) {

As I understand, this is a simple check for the port availability which can't be accomplished due to the blackhole option activated. As soon as I deactivate the blackhole option, spawn-fcgi spawns correctly.

I suggest to get rid of this check, because later we call a 'bind' syscall anyway, which also returns error in case if the port is already in use. Why do we do redundant checking ?

Additionally it will also fix the things with the FreeBSD blackhole feature.

Here is a diff for review:

-- tofig


Updated by stbuehler almost 13 years ago

Did you try what happens if you start spawn-fcgi a second time?

I think it will delete the first socket (unlink in the source), and create a new one - and then you have 2 fcgi processes running, but the first one is unreachable as its socket is deleted (but not closed); check by killing the second one (with all childs) and try connecting to it (e.g. with the original spawn-fcgi). (Tested on my linux box)

Please give feedback how FreeBSD behaves ;-)


Updated by Anonymous almost 13 years ago

When I start the second instance of the unpatched spawn-fcgi it gives me:
spawn-fcgi.c.224: socket is already used, can't spawn
and exits.

With the patch applied it gives me:
spawn-fcgi.c.118: bind failed: Address already in use
and exits.

-- tofig


Updated by admin almost 13 years ago

You're using IP sockets, while stbuehler is talking about Unix sockets.


Updated by stbuehler almost 13 years ago

Oh... hehe. Should have seen the "tcp" in "net.inet.tcp.blackhole", sry.


Updated by stbuehler almost 13 years ago

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Fixed in r2106

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