Bug #2916

Server-side system time change will interrupt http connection

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I am currently working on an experiment that requires the client to download software from the server side, but during the software download process, I found that when the server side time is adjusted backwards by more than 360s(for example, from 0:00 to 0:07), the download process will be interrupted. Later I found out that this problem is caused by server.max-write-idle.When I increase the value of server.max-write-idle, the system time can be adjusted to increase the range.

This creates a problem where the client cannot change the system time during the software download process. If there is a relatively large software being downloaded now, the server-side system time has changed when the download is almost completed, which means that the previous downloads are all invalid and need to be re-downloaded. This will not only waste time, but also cause some unexpected losses.

I sincerely hope that you can look at this issue.
Thank you.


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Have you heard of NTP?

Why is your server time so far off and why do you think it the problem of every application to workaround the failure of the server admin to keep time?


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discontinuous time (including daylight savings time) has side effects

This is not a bug in lighttpd. Server admins often validate and restart services around daylight savings jumps.

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