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Support for TLS-ALPN-01

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With the removal of TLS-SNI-01 as a validation method (, it will become very challenging to use LetsEncrypt or any other certificate vendor based on the ACME protocols with lighttpd (see for some discussion). Other validation methods involve ability to manipulate DNS records or having a dedicated/unique IP address for the website, which for many users is not possible in their environment, or very challenging to automate for renewals.

TLS-ALPN-01 is available as a new possibility, but requires dedicated webserver support. Here is an implementation for Apache: . The benefit of implementing it is that it will restore the situation of allowing easy/automated ACME/LetsEncrypt renewals without a unique IP address or ability to manipulate DNS records on-the-fly.

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Added by gstrauss 9 months ago

[mod_openssl] ALPN and acme-tls/1 (fixes #2931)

ssl.acme-tls-1 = "/path/to/dir" containing .crt.pem and .key.pem
named with the SNI name ("<SNI>.crt.pem" and "<SNI>.key.pem")

"Transport Layer Security (TLS) Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension"
"ACME TLS ALPN Challenge Extension" (TLS-ALPN-01)
"Support for TLS-ALPN-01"



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The draft expired 1 Dec 2018. Do you have any current link to its status?


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There's over 17,000 lines of code in mod_md/src/*.[ch]. That is a large amount of code. (I have not looked any further at the code)

I have previously looked at ALPN with regards to HTTP/2 and hope that general ALPN support can be incorporated with much less code. However, the specifics for TLS-ALPN-01 might require much more work. As such, I am marking this low priority. A shorter-term solution might be to identify ALPN requests and allow an external script of some sort to handle "tls-alpn-01"


Updated by gstrauss 9 months ago

I posted some untested code to personal/gstrauss/master branch on after reading the TLS-ALPN-01 challenge spec.
See DevelGit for instructions how to access the git repository.


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Tested with

The results from dehydrated is a cert.pem and privkey.pem, which still need to be concatenated into a single file for lighttpd, and lighttpd needs to be restarted to pick up the new certificate.


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It goes to us, yes. Thank you for your support.


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