Feature #443

[PATCH] mod_redirect: Add support for url-encoding backreferences, map %%n->%n, $$n->$n

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Attached is a simple user-contributed (e.g. no guarantees) patch to expand the capabilities of mod_redirect for lighttpd 1.4.8.

It adds two features:

  • optional url-encoding for backreferences
  • allow backreference character usage without substituting a backref.

Here is an example of the first case:

Let's say that you want to map the specified URL into a CGI argument, but you want it to be escaped properly --

 url.redirect = ( "^(.*)$" =>

If a user requests "", they will be redirected to "".

Now let's say you want to include an absolute address so that the user is redirected to a different site, You would want the redirection to result in the following URL: "".

The second change allows you to do this with mod_redirect:

 url.redirect = ( "^(.*)$" =>

Using double percents, mod_redirect will no longer assume that the %3 in %%3A is a poor backreference and it will print out the desired single %.


Doh - it looks like I need to attach after I file the ticket. If I have a problem with it, I will put it on the wiki as an attachment.

-- will


mod_redirect_expansion-1.4.8.patch (2.61 KB) mod_redirect_expansion-1.4.8.patch mod_redirect url-encode and %%/$$ patch -- will Anonymous, 2006-01-06 08:44
ticket-443.patch (11.2 KB) ticket-443.patch moo, 2006-04-16 11:31

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assign to me. applies to mod_rewrite too. anyone else have another character against the '!' ?


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patch pending


Updated by moo over 12 years ago

cannot be done in 1.4.x unless r1094 is merged back to browser:branches1.4.x, need discussion for 1.5


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This site could really benefit from some, any, spam prevention.


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Fixed spam changes

-- raja


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  • Related to Bug #911: Need for URL encoding in mod_redirect and possibly mod_rewrite added

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Documentation for url-encoding backreferences can be found on mod_rewrite in section Extended Replacement Patterns

Also available in: Atom