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add mod_resin and mod_jk

Added by jan over 14 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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The servlet world wants to have there own transporters:

The info for tomcat/mod_jk is here:

The info for resin/mod_caucho is here:

The last link to javadoc has info on the protocol. I think it's called HMUX.
I'll see what other info I can find on it.

I think the tomcat plugin would give you the most bang for the buck, as I think
a couple of other servlet containers use it as well (Jetty for one).

As for providing an echo servlet, do you want code, or me to host an echo
servlet in these containers?

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Added by gstrauss over 3 years ago

[core] support IPv6 in $HTTP["remote-ip"] CIDR cond match (fixes #2706)

"Matching IPv6 addresses with $HTTP["remoteip"]"

github: closes #52



Updated by Anonymous about 14 years ago

Is this still on track for 1.4?

Do you need any test servlet code, etc?

-- pmorelli


Updated by Anonymous about 14 years ago

Do you need any testers for this?

-- ron


Updated by Anonymous about 14 years ago

any status update on this one?

-- pmorelli


Updated by jan about 14 years ago

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no, it to now it is not every high on the todo list. Anyone want to write it ?


Updated by Anonymous almost 13 years ago

no1 going to make this happen, would be cool if we could, or what needs to be coded???

-- me


Updated by jan over 12 years ago

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