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mod_cgi doesn't work with server.bind set to unix domain socket

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If i bind lighty to a unix domain socket, cgi scripts no longer work. Rather than displaying the output of the cgi, the browser attempts to download a zero-length copy of the cgi file.

Static html and mod_fastcgi continue to work, which leads me to believe there's a bug in mod_cgi.

Test configuration:
Pound proxy 1.0.5 to Lighttpd 1.4.11 via unix domain socket.

I had initially thought that perhaps Pound was the culprit, since I had just added Unix domain socket support to Pound the night before. However, the main Pound developer independently added the same support and both implementations get the same result. Also, the fact that mod_fastcgi and static pages continue to work point to a probable bug in mod_cgi.

-- cliff


Updated by Anonymous about 13 years ago

I'm having the same problem (with the same result: a zero-length "copy" of the script is downloaded by the browser) with lighttpd 1.4.11, but without binding it to a socket or something similar. Not much to report here, as the logs only tell me that the cgi process probably died.

-- jannis


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Fixed in r2316

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