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User online tracking via unique ip count

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The module tracks and counts users online by unique ip.

useronline.enable = tracking (default=0)

useronline.maxage = till ip/user expires (default=300) = till ip/user is no longer considered active (default=useronline.maxage/3)

useronline.maxips = number of ips to track (default=1024)

'''This module sets the following environment variables with stats:'''[BR]
users_online = number of online users

users_active = number of active users

user_hits = number of hits by current user

users_online_age = current max age setting

users_active_age = current active age setting

users_online_max_ips = max ips setting

users_online_id = id value of current

Note: this tracks users online by setting. So if you have two seperate conditionals with enable = 1, it will track the two seperate areas seperately.

At some point I will add to this module and have it output all the data collected in xml format for easy access remotely.

I made this for, and is actually live right now: (the stats are shown at the bottom of the page in the footer).

I was doing the same thing via PHP previously, but found it to be a bit of a CPU hog. This module is much faster than the PHP counterpart I made.

Hopefully it proves to be useful for others.

-- Wojciech Hlibowicki <wojtek


mod_useronline.c (6.28 KB) mod_useronline.c Module: online user tracking -- Wojciech Hlibowicki <wojtek Anonymous, 2006-09-07 19:46

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Thanks for the contribution. Linked to Docs_UserWrittenMods and Docs_ModUserOnline

Please note: the module in the attachment needs to be updated to work with more recent versions of lighttpd, and has not been reviewed or tested.

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