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HTTP Proxy feature ... not too much different from normal serving

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Sort of related to my ticket #905... I also want to do filtering via HTTP proxy rather than just http://host/proxy/...
As I see it, the mod-proxy-core could pass the request to a filter to have the request modified, then the HTTP/HTTPS part would get the data, and then pass it through a response filter...

For the application I'm working on, I'd also want the 'CONNECT' method to sort of fake the connection initialization (might need to create another plugin I suppose that would setup a new SSL cert/key to match the target and convert the stream to SSL (does it work that way?)).

I had already implemented this in Lua in a homegrown webserver using Lua, libevnet, libevent, and OpenSSL.. but it's started to overgrow its bounds n' get ugly and I realized how much an HTTP proxy is almost exactly like a web server... just different URI's, extra headers, and an extra method or 2 to handle.

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you're thinking of icap. i agree that it'd be very veru useful - how about handing off req/resp to a transofrmation server via fastcgi?


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