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add jvmRoute support to mod_proxy_ajp13

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jvmRoute is used for naming tomcat applications in a cluster. This allows for sessions against applications to be "sticky".
More documentation can be found here and here

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Updated by Anonymous over 16 years ago

As far as i know, this isn't very AJP specific. This could be used for all proxy directives which in some way uses cookies for session handling (quite common last i checked). "All" mod_jk does when balancing with jvmRoutes is matching a directive in server.xml (in a <Engine> directive) with a cookie for your session id which gets this specfic route appended (EG: JESSIONID = mycryptedid.jvmRoute).

A similar approach is found in many load balancers and is in my opinion very useful for other applications than ajp13 specific ones.

-- Lfe

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The links provided in the ticket description are not very useful. Quoting from one of the links given:

The route, as I understand it, is used to support sticky sessions -- associating a user's session with a particular Tomcat instance in the presence of multiple, load balancing servers. I don't know the details.

Better documentation can be found with this feature of the commercial version of nginx

mod_proxy "sticky" load balancing based on source IP was added to lighttpd 1.4.44
While not the same as jvmroutes, it does provide basic "sticky" load balancing.

For now, marking this ticket as "Missing Feedback". If there is demand for cookie-based "sticky" routing, bypassing existing the load-balancing schemes, please comment here and we might reconsider adding a feature to lighttpd to add a lighttpd-generated cookie to responses to route requests based on the cookie in a sticky fashion. However, such a feature is unlikely to be "jvmroute"-specific.


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