Release: spawn-fcgi 1.6.4

Bug fix release; also adding @-b@ backlog option.
Added by stbuehler over 9 years ago

Important Changes

spawn-fcgi now interprets the mode (-M) always as octal integer (same as chmod). Also it will always set the mode (for Unix domain sockets, not TCP); the default will remove the executable bits and read+write access for others (in addition to umask restrictions).

If you want others to be able to connect to your Unix domain socket, you have to manually specify -M 0666 (or better: create a shared group, or spawn as root and use the -u and -U options)



  • Use octal mode for -M (patch by dfjoerg)
  • Add -b backlog option (fixes #2422, patch by aschmitz)
  • Restrict Unix socket file ownership by default to ug=rw
  • Add example apparmor spawn-fcgi abstraction
  • Use autoreconf instead of calling tools manually
  • Add more flags to extra-warning flags
  • Check return values of setuid, setgid, setgroups, initgroups, write
  • Check whether compiler supports wanted CFLAGS (fixes #2235)
  • Fix resource leaks in failure cases (found with coverity)