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nitrox, 2008-11-05 15:54

AbsoLUAtion - The powerful combo of Lighttpd + Lua

We want to build kind of a central ressource for Lighttpd + Lua as this is one of the biggest advantages Ligtthpd has over other webservers. Its useful, handy, simple and sometimes a quite powerful combo which gives you some additional flexibility and offers you solutions to small and big problems other httpd´s can´t solve!

Again we hope you - the users of lighty - support this page by contributing links, code-snippets or simply offer your lua-scripts with small descriptions of what it does and how it helps lighty to do stuff you want it to do.

Whats needed for this to work?

A decent version of Lighttpd + mod_magnet + Lua

How to get it up and running



Link collection (Description -> Link).



Small Helpers


other solutions

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