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View source code in the lighttpd 1.4 git repository

git source checkout

read-only: $ git clone
developer: $ git clone git+ssh://

build prerequisites

lighttpd supports multiple build frameworks: automake, cmake, meson, and scons.

Ensure you have installed the latest development tools and packages available, e.g. for automake:
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • libtool
  • m4
A minimal lighttpd build typically leverages PCRE and pkg-config
  • pcre-devel / libpcre3-dev
  • pkg-config
Optional lighttpd modules may require one or more additional libraries, e.g. choices among TLS modules
  • openssl
  • gnutls
  • mbedtls
  • nss
  • wolfssl

Further details can be found in lighttpd INSTALL (Please read)

build commands (examples)


git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
./configure -C --prefix=/usr/local
make -j 4
make check
#sudo make install

git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local -Wno-dev .
make -j 4
make test
#sudo make install

git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
meson setup --prefix /usr/local build
cd build
meson compile
meson test
#sudo meson install

git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
scons -j 4 build_static=1 build_dynamic=0 prefix=/usr/local
#sudo scons -j 4 build_static=1 build_dynamic=0 prefix=/usr/local install

Examples commands for more fully-featured builds might reference lighttpd scripts/
Also, there are more options for running unit tests

distro packaging (external examples)

Debian: debian/control
Fedora: lighttpd.spec
OpenWRT: net/lighttpd/Makefile

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