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git source browser

View source code in the lighttpd 1.4 git repository

git source checkout

read-only: $ git clone
developer: $ git clone git+ssh://

build prerequisites

lighttpd supports multiple build frameworks: automake, cmake, meson, and scons.

Ensure you have installed the latest development tools and packages available, e.g. for automake:
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • libtool
  • m4
A minimal lighttpd build typically leverages PCRE and pkg-config
  • pcre-devel / libpcre3-dev
  • pkg-config
Optional lighttpd modules may require one or more additional libraries, e.g. choices among TLS modules
  • openssl
  • gnutls
  • mbedtls
  • nss
  • wolfssl

Further details can be found in lighttpd INSTALL (Please read)

build commands (examples)


git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
./configure -C --prefix=/usr/local
make -j 4
make check
#sudo make install

git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local -Wno-dev .
make -j 4
make test
#sudo make install

git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
meson setup --prefix /usr/local build
cd build
meson compile
meson test
#sudo meson install

git clone
cd lighttpd1.4
scons -j 4 build_static=1 build_dynamic=0 prefix=/usr/local
#sudo scons -j 4 build_static=1 build_dynamic=0 prefix=/usr/local install

Examples commands for more fully-featured builds might reference lighttpd scripts/
Also, there are more options for running unit tests

distro packaging (external examples)

Debian: debian/control
Fedora: lighttpd.spec
OpenWRT: net/lighttpd/Makefile

running lighttpd from build tree

lighttpd can be run from the build tree, without needing to install it. This is useful for testing. In the shell in which you built lighttpd, chdir to the top of the source tree (if not already there).
Create a basic lighttpd.conf to listen on localhost port 8080 and serve files from /tmp (not recommended for production use!):

server.document-root = "/tmp" 
server.bind = "" 
server.port = 8080
mimetype.assign = (".txt" => "text/plain", ".html" => "text/html" )

Create a simple file to serve: echo "Hello World!" > /tmp/hello.txt
Run lighttpd in the foreground: src/lighttpd -D -f lighttpd.conf -m $PWD/src/.libs
In a different shell: curl
In the shell running lighttpd, press press Ctrl-C to cause lighttpd to exit.

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