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mike503, 2008-03-05 05:04
stbuehler told me to :)

= GSoC 2008 - Ideas =

Ideas for the students for "GSoC08 for lighttpd"

Jan * implement bayeux (cometd protocol) as described in [ mod_mailbox] * implement a scoreboard to make server.max-workers a clean approach * improve the lighttpd-angel to integrate nicely with supervise and runit for graceful restarts * for 1.5.0 * streaming upload and chunked encoding for uploads * scalability testing for 1.5.x and its threaded backends on large-scale hardware Fernando * restructure the virtual hosting system so it can accept different sources without need to implement different modules, by unifying mod_evhost, mod_mysql_vhost, mod_simple_vhost (and also adding LUA vhost) * allow LUA (through mod_magnet) to change the FastCGI backend, allowing virtual hosts to easy switch application backends * study, document and implement the best way for virtual hosting (using lighttpd) using only one lighttpd process but obeying the need for permissions per domain. Kevin Worthington * improve (or overhaul) the documentation for building the 1.5 branch on Windows * continue work on the 1.5 branch to make Windows builds seamless * (these are just suggestions, and I am certainly not qualified to perform either of the above ideas.) Jomu * Make mod_fastcgi multiplex requests over same connection, IE exploit CONN_MPX Unassigned * Better FastCGI management ** Perhaps via an angel process ** Separate daemon would be best (Lighttpd, Apache, anyone could use it) ** Needs to support alternate uid/gid (if built-in to Lighty, could use Lighty logic blocks vs. completely a separate daemon) ** My list of ideas/etc:

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