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Powered By lighttpd

Here are some sites that are using lighttpd to serve millions of pages every day. If you run such a site, feel free to add it. Include traffic and hardware details if you so desire.

Please follow a few rules when you add your site:
  • you have to control the site or have to have the permission of the owner to name it here.
  • include the req/s or req/day your get and put yourself into the corresponding category.
  • add yourself in alphabetic order based on the TLD. (this goes for you too,
  • don´t disguise your server-tag, say yes to lighty! :-)

more than 100mio req/day (or 1000 req/s)

  • - the largest online maffia role play game, between 500 and 2000 req/s on eight webservers.
  • - The largest danish soccer community site with news, statistics and livescore. Peaks around 3000 req/s on game day.
  • - huge image/video host. Uses lighttpd for serving images.
  • - Google's Grand Central - "a number that's not tied to a phone or a location - but tied to you."
  • - the most comprehensive bittorrent search engine. ~8 million unique visitors per month, 550-1300 req/s
  • - The most popular Islamic media web site. Its main web server and media servers are running lighttpd, ~2000 req/s
  • - Adult Website with streaming videos. Using Lighty for all flv,wmv,avi..
  • - Number 1 torrent site, according to Alexa. ~1000-1700+ req/s.
  • - Nine web servers using Lighttpd as a front-end to a single dedicated database/PHP server. Each lighttpd server averages 300/400rps.
  • - Using Lighttpd to serve up user's uploaded photos.
  • - Video network that streams millions of flash videos daily using Lighty. Lighty also powers static content farm and thumbnail farms serving more than 5000 requests/sec.
  • - One of the most popular one-click web hosters, tens of terabytes a day. Alexa 100.
  • - One of the most popular online communities in Southern Germany. Up to 2000 requests per second.
  • - One of the most popular bittorrent trackers.
  • - Most popular social network in Spain, uses LigHTTPD, over 1200 req/s.
  • - Adult site with streaming videos. Uses lighttpd for thumbnail images and videos. Thumbnail server alone is 3+ kreq/s.
  • - Virtual pet Flash gaming portal for kids. Multiple boxes, 1000+ dynamic req/s average, more than 2500 req/s peak time.
  • - The most famous video sharing site in the world.
  • - Uses LigHTTPD for all file servers, over 2000 req/s at any given time.

more than 10mio req/day (or 100 req/s)

more than 1mio req/day (or 10 req/s)

webhosting providers

Large content servers (ie. mirrors)

  • - Opensource mirror (ooo,mandriva,ubuntu,gentoo,freebsd,debian,sabayon,etc.) of Czech ISP. Running gentoo, lightty trunk with mod_mem_cache. avg. 9req/s, 13MiB/s, peaking 45req/s, 65MiB/s.


lighttpd specific

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