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lennartack, 2012-04-12 19:41

Powered By lighttpd

Here are some sites that are using lighttpd to serve millions of pages every day.
If you run such a site, feel free to add it. Please include traffic (requests/s) details.

Please follow a few rules when you add your site:
  • you have to control the site or have to have the permission of the owner to name it here.
  • include the req/s or req/day you get and put yourself into the corresponding category.
  • add yourself in alphabetic order based on the domain name (without www.).
  • don't disguise your server-tag, say yes to lighty! :-)
  • do NOT make it sound like advertising, keep it technical

more than 100mio req/day (or 1000 req/s)

  • - One of the largest bittorrent sites related to tv shows. peaks over 2000 req/s
  • - The most comprehensive bittorrent search engine. ~8 million unique visitors per month, 550-1300 req/s
  • - Using Lighttpd to serve up user's uploaded photos
  • - One of the most popular bittorrent sites. 1400 req/s avg. spread among several servers
  • - Adult site with streaming videos. Uses lighttpd for thumbnail images and videos. Thumbnail server alone is 3+ kreq/s
  • - Uses LigHTTPD for all file servers, over 2000 req/s at any given time

more than 10mio req/day (or 100 req/s)

webhosting providers

Large content servers (ie. mirrors)

  • - OpenSource mirror with over 11TB content running FreeBSD. Avg.: 80req/s, 300Mbps and Peak: 300req/s and 1Gbps.
  • - Opensource mirror (ooo,mandriva,ubuntu,gentoo,freebsd,debian,sabayon,etc.) of czech ISP. Running gentoo, lighty trunk with mod_mem_cache. avg. 9req/s, 13MiB/s, peaking 45req/s, 65MiB/s.
  • - Opensource mirror (clamav, debian, fedora, gentoo, kernel, etc.) of austrian ISP. avg. 12req/s 7.7MiB/s

lighttpd specific

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