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h1. Powered By lighttpd 

 Here are some sites that are using lighttpd to serve millions of pages every day. 
 If you run such a site, feel free to add it. Please include traffic (requests/s) details. 

 Please follow a few rules when you add your site: 
 * you have to control the site or have to have the permission of the owner to name it here. 
 * include the req/s or req/day you get and put yourself into the corresponding category. 
 * add yourself in **alphabetic order** based on the domain name (without www.). 
 * don't disguise your server-tag, say yes to lighty! :-) 
 * do NOT make it sound like advertising, keep it technical 

 h1. more than 10mio req/day (or 100 req/s) 

 * - API for assistant on AliExpress, use Lighttpd (mod_proxy+balancing) (> 500 req/s, 1Gbps link, Ubuntu 16.04LTS) 
 * - Domain parking service (4% of all domains RUNet), use Lighttpd + PHP-FPM (> 350 req/s, 1Gbps link, Ubuntu 16.04LTS) 
 * - German community, 250,000 users. Lighttpd on Ubuntu.  
 * - Photographers online community using lighttpd as a standalone image server with 150-300 req/s. 
 * - Huge german free forum hosting system, with more than 20,000 hosting forums. (>200req/s, 7 MB/s, Lighttpd on Debian 5) 
 * - german online community with about 80,000 users and 12 million hits/day 
 * - Czech blog/templated free web hosting. 350 req/s daily average, 5MB/s daily average. Debian etch, lighty trunk serving static content + 4x php backends. 

 h1. webhosting providers 

 * - Web hosting provider located in the UK (Lighttpd + Debian). 
 * - Image hosting platform powered by Lighttpd and FreeBSD. 
 * - European web hosting provider 

 h1. Large content servers (ie. mirrors) 

 * - Opensource mirror (clamav, debian, fedora, gentoo, kernel, etc.) of austrian ISP. avg. 12req/s 7.7MiB/s 

 h1. lighttpd specific 

 * - 1-2 req/s :)