Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.33
  • Previous version: 1.4.32
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: stable
  • Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Release manager: stbuehler
  • Released date: 2013-09-27

Time to get some fixes out; nothing special, just many small fixes - and some new features.


Changes from 1.4.32

  • mod_fastcgi: fix mix up of "mode" => "authorizer" in other fastcgi configs (fixes #2465, thx peex)
  • fix handling of If-Modified-Since if If-None-Match is present (don't return 412 for date parsing errors);
    follow current draft for HTTP/1.1, which tells us to ignore If-Modified-Since if we have matching etags.
  • [mod_fastcgi,log] support multi line logging (fixes #2252)
  • call ERR_clear_error only for ssl connections in CON_STATE_ERROR
  • reject non ASCII characters in HTTP header names
  • [mod_auth] use crypt() on encrypted password instead of extracting salt first (fixes #2483)
  • [mod_auth] add htpasswd -s (SHA1) support if openssl is used (needs openssl for SHA1). This doesn't use any salt, md5 with salt is probably better.
  • [mod_auth] fix base64_decode (#2484)
  • fix some bugs found with canalyze (fixes #2484, thx Zhenbo Xu)
  • fix undefined stuff found with clang
  • [cmake] Use TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES instead of LINK_FLAGS for library dependencies, also add -Wl,--as-needed to extra warnings (fixes #2448)
  • [mod_auth] fix invalid read in digest qop=auth-int handling (fixes #2478)
  • [auto* build] simplify, handle automake 1.13 test running (fixes #2490)
  • [mod_userdir] add option, "enabled" by default
  • [core] return 501 Not Implemented in static file mode for all methods except GET/POST/HEAD/OPTIONS
  • [core] recognize more http methods to forward to backends (fixes #2346)
  • [ssl] use DH only if openssl supports it (fixes #2479)
  • [network] use constants available at compile time for maximum number of chunks for writev instead of calling sysconf (fixes #2470)
  • [ssl] Fix $HTTP["scheme"] conditional, could be "http" for ssl connections if the ssl $SERVER["socket"] conditional was nested (fixes #2501)
  • [ssl] accept ssl renegotiations if they are not disabled (fixes #2491)
  • [ssl] add option ssl.empty-fragments, defaulting to disabled (fixes #2492)
  • [auth] put REMOTE_USER into cgi environment, making it accessible to lua via lighty.req_env (fixes #2495)
  • [auth] new method "extern" to use already present REMOTE_USER (from magnet, ssl, ...) (fixes #2436)
  • [core] remove requirement that default doc-root has to exist, there are reasonable scenarios not requiring static files at all
  • [core] check whether server.chroot exists
  • [mod_simple_vhost] fix cache; skip module if simple-vhost.server-root is empty (thx rm for reporting)
  • [mod_accesslog] add accesslog.syslog-level option (fixes #2480)
  • [core] allow files to be used as document-root (fixes #2475)
  • [core] set signal handlers before forking child processes in modules/plugins_call_set_defaults (fixes #2502)

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