Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.52
  • Previous version: 1.4.51
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: stable
  • Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Release manager: gstrauss
  • Released date: 2018-11-28

Important changes from 1.4.51

performance enhancements, bug fixes

Future scheduled behavior change (Q1 2019)

Beginning in Q1 2019, lighttpd defaults are scheduled to change to perform limited URL normalization on HTTP requests.

Since lighttpd 1.4.50, this URL normalization is available with server.http-parseopts <;. The lighttpd default will become server.http-parseopts = ("url-normalize-unreserved" => "enable", "url-path-2f-decode" => "enable") unless server.http-parseopts is explicitly set in the lighttpd config. Enabling URL normalization by default will provide more consistent behavior for mod_redirect and mod_rewrite, which match against the (url-encoded) URL request. However, decoding %2F by default, while generally desirable for consistency, is potentially a breaking change for those encoding URLs in the url-path and relying on the literal '/' as a delimiter. For those uses, "url-path-2f-decode" => "disable" will need to be explicitly set in the lighttpd config.

The recommended settings for server.http-parseopts are the following, unless specific use requires looser settings:

      server.http-parseopts = (
        "header-strict"            => "enable",
        "host-strict"              => "enable",
        "host-normalize"           => "enable",
        "url-normalize"            => "enable",
        "url-normalize-unreserved" => "enable",
        "url-normalize-required"   => "enable",
        "url-ctrls-reject"         => "enable",
        "url-path-2f-decode"       => "enable",
        "url-path-dotseg-remove"   => "enable",
        "url-query-20-plus"        => "enable" 


Changes from 1.4.51

  • [mysql] MySQL 8 deprecates my_bool
  • [core] typo in trace
  • [build] Fix unportable test(1) operator
  • [core] perf: call connection_reset() fewer times
  • [core] perf: array_reset_data_strings()
  • [core] perf: buffer_free_ptr() attribute cold
  • [core] perf: one-element cache for host normalize
  • [core] perf: buffer_copy_string_len()
  • [core] perf: skip redundant prepare copy calls
  • [core] perf: buffer_align_size() identity if align
  • [core] perf: size write buffers for reuse
  • [core] perf: prepend headers directly into write q
  • [core] perf: copy small strings; better buf reuse
  • [core] perf: copy small strings; extend last chunk
  • [core] perf: specialized func for array sorting
  • [core] perf: append response directly into write q
  • [core] perf: better buf reuse reading from backend
  • [core] chunk.c code reuse
  • [multiple] perf: write headers to backend write cq
  • [multiple] perf: power-2 alloc large headers
  • [multiple] perf: use larger initial backend buffer
  • [core] permit env vars to be set with blank value
  • [mod_fastcgi] perf: reduce data copies
  • [mod_fastcgi] perf: reduce data copies
  • [core] perf: chunk.c chunk pool
  • [multiple] perf: reuse large buffers w/ backend
  • [multiple] better packing of struct chunk
  • [core] perf: inline buffer_append_string_buffer()
  • [core] slightly simpler flag append to string
  • [mod_cgi] perf: reuse buffers for creating CGI env
  • [mod_fastcgi,mod_scgi] perf: env accumulation
  • [core] Don't call RAND_cleanup with OpenSSL 1.1.x
  • [mod_openssl] move SSL_shutdown() to separate func
  • [mod_openssl] SSL_read before second SSL_shutdown
  • [mod_cgi] perf: use stat_cache for cgi handler
  • [mod_openssl] prefer using TLS_server_method()
  • [mod_webdav] return 403 if file should exist
  • [core] perf: chunkqueue buffers already sized up
  • [core] perf: simpler buffer_string_space()
  • [multiple] dynamic handlers hint backend header sz
  • [core] use chunk_buf_sz instead of hard-coded num
  • [multiple] perf: simplify chunkqueue_get_memory()
  • [mod_wstunnel] perf: reuse large buffers
  • [mod_cgi] perf: cache getenv() results at start up
  • [core] fix 301 -> 302 overwrite with Location (fixes #2918)
  • [core] fix setting of headers previously reset (fixes #2919)
  • [mod_webdav] quiet coverity false positive
  • [core] server.compat-module-load = "disable"
  • [core] server.chunkqueue-chunk-sz = 4096
  • [core] perf: simpler buffer_string_space() (fixed)
  • [core] perf: faster HTTP pipelined requests
  • [core] perf: simpler buffer_string_space() (tests)
  • [mod_cgi] reset reused buffer on internal redir
  • [core] clear chunk buffer upon release
  • [mod_fastcgi] minor: copy packet without padding
  • [mod_redirect,mod_rewrite] use server_name
  • [mod_fastcgi] transfer chunks minus packet padding
  • [core] separate func to reset FILE_CHUNK
  • [core] perf: simple, quick buffer_clear()
  • [core] perf: small improvement to encoding CGI var
  • [core] perf: small improvement buffer_string_space
  • [core] simpler physical path concatenation
  • [mod_webdav] fix LOCK on incorrect URI path
  • [mod_webdav] one fewer buffer copy for COPY,MOVE
  • [core] perf: simplify buffer_move()
  • [mod_cml] parse query string without modifying it
  • [core] perf: buffer optimizations
  • [mod_wstunnel] use buffer_string_length()
  • [core] perf: inline buffer_copy_buffer()
  • [core] cygwin helper func for getcwd
  • [core] cygwin sample to run lighttpd under NSSM
  • [core] limit con->uri.authority < 1024 octets
  • [mod_webdav] separate func for each request method
  • [core] reject decoded url-path without leading '/'
  • [multiple] validate UTF-8 in url-decoded paths
  • [mod_proxy] silence coverity false positive
  • [core] fix typo
  • [core] buffer_append_path_len()
  • [core] quiet indexfile warning if mod not loaded

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