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server.error-handler-404 option


uri to call if the requested URL results in a static file not being found. It is not invoked if dynamic content, such as a fastcgi script, returns an HTTP 404 status code.

You can use a dynamic or static page for the handler. If you use a static page, the server will return a 404 HTTP status code with the content of your static page. However, if you use a dynamic page, you must set the status code to 404 (or another appropriate error code such as "410 Gone") in the HTTP headers that your dynamic page generates.

Default: not set


server.error-handler-404 = "/error-404.php" 

Prior Versions

Versions of lighttpd prior to 1.4.17 contained bugs in the implementation of this directive that meant a 404 status code generated from dynamic content was sent to the error handler. This prevented a 404 status code being sent from the error handler itself, which always returned status 200. If you are using an older version, and want to send a 404 status code please use server.errorfile-prefix; however, server.errorfile-prefix does not allow dynamic handlers.

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