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h2. option 

 The basic network interface for all platforms at the syscalls read()    and write(). Every modern OS provides its own syscall to help network servers transfer files as fast as possible. possible 

 * linux-sendfile - is recommended for small files. 
 * writev           - is recommended for sending many large files 
 * posix-aio        - uses librt (or libc on FreeBSD) 
 * linux-aio-sendfile - available when libaio is installed on the system. On Centos 4/RHEL4, you can install libaio by doing 

    yum -y install libaio-devel 

 Enabled when lighttpd is configured with <code>--with-linux-aio</code> 

 Comparison of performance with different network backends is available "here": = "sendfile"@ "linux-sendfile" 

 </pre> = "writev"@ = "write"@