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*Lighttpd 2.0 is work in progress - it is not finished and should not be used in a production environment*
*Each commit still might break something important, so be careful after updates*
*We prefer giving support in IRC ("":irc:// for now; if you ask questions in the lighttpd forum make sure you mention the version.*
*We think the docs are already pretty good, so please RTFM before asking questions :)*

h1. Deployment

# [[Installation]] (our git repository git:// can be viewed "here":
** [[Installation openSUSE]]
# [[Configuration]]

h1. Documentation


*Please note that the documentation in this wiki is not always up to date. The sources now contain the docs in "doc/":// - an online compiled version is available "here"://*

* [[Installation]]
** [[Installation openSUSE]]
* [[Tips]] - Best practices, useful tips for young and old
* [[Configuration]]
** [[Config]] - The config syntax and structure in detail
** [[Conditions]] - The supported conditions
** [[Patterns]] - The syntax of patterns
** [[LuaConfig]] - Write your config as lua script (basic concepts)
** [[LuaAPI]] - Lua api reference
** [[Angel]] - Recommended supervisor for lighttpd
*** [[AngelConfig]] - The angel config syntax
* [[Startup scripts]]
** [[InitScriptDebian]]
* [[Modules]] - Available modules
* [[Howtos]] - Collection of different howtos
* Lua topics
** [[LuaConfig]] - Write your config as lua script (basic concepts)
** [[LuaAPI]] - Lua api reference
** [[LuaExamples]] - Some examples what you can do with lua
** [[mod_lua]]: more lua features
*** [[mod_core_lua|mod_core.lua]]: core lua plugin (useful helpers)
*** [[mod_secdownload_lua|mod_secdownload.lua]]: secdownload (only temporary valid links)

* [[FAQ]] - Frequently Asked Questions
* [[Bug Reporting]] - How to report a bug

h1. Community and Support

Support is given via IRC and the forum. Bugreports are handled via the issue/ticket system.

* "Forums":
* IRC: "Freenode": channel "#lighttpd":irc://


h1. Misc

* [[Promotional Artwork]]
* [[Sites using Lighttpd]]
* [[Benchmarks]]
* [[History]]