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12:04 Lighttpd Bug #2157: SSL_CTX_set_options() return value not checked properly
The r2716 is also needed when the latest OpenSSL version 0.9.8m is used. hvdkamer


09:22 Lighttpd Support: Wrong version in download page
I have a script that extracts the latest version from the "download page": and yeste... hvdkamer


17:55 Lighttpd Support: RE: Multiple https certs doesn't work
Thanks for creating the ticket.
The last fortnight I was busy with another posible solution too this problem. The ...


19:55 Lighttpd Support: RE: Multiple https certs doesn't work
Ie checked 1.5.0 revison 2700 out of the repository, compiled and installed it on a identical server and configuratio... hvdkamer
19:35 Lighttpd Support: RE: Multiple https certs doesn't work
I use 1.4.25. The 1.4.24 I mentioned was the version in which this functionality was introduced:... hvdkamer
13:36 Lighttpd Support: Multiple https certs doesn't work
In Lighttpd 1.4.24 the TLS SNI extension is added. Today I tried to test this, but it is partially working. Part of t... hvdkamer


12:13 Lighttpd Feature #1288: SSL Client Certificate validation.
I've backported this patch to the version shipped in Debian Etch. It works great. However in Apache the complete pres... hvdkamer

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