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14:12 fcgi-debug Feature #2387 (Reopened): Support logging to a logfile
As far as I understand, spawn-fcgi closes stdout when "-n" is not used on the commandline, therefore shell redirectio... tyll
11:34 fcgi-debug Feature #2387 (Reopened): Support logging to a logfile
It would be nice to be able to log the output of fcgi-debug to a logfile instead of to stdout, for example when using... tyll
11:38 fcgi-debug Feature #2388 (New): Add timestamps to log output
It would be helpful to have timestamps in the log output of fcgi-debug to be able to analyse what happened when. tyll


16:22 fcgi-debug Feature #2386 (New): cmake: Use pkg-config to search for libev, add options to configure location manually
On Fedora the correct path for ev.h is libev/ev.h, but fcgi-debug uses a hardcoded path without the libev directory. ... tyll

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