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Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.69
  • Previous version: 1.4.68
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: stable
  • Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Release manager: gstrauss
  • Released date: 2023-02-10

Important changes from 1.4.68

  • bugfixes, portability


Future Scheduled Behavior Changes:

  • lighttpd 1.4.68 builds common modules into the lighttpd base executable.
    Separate dynamic modules are still built for the benefit of existing
    packaging scripts in various distributions, but those modules are not used.
    A future version of lighttpd will omit building separate modules for:
    mod_access mod_alias mod_evhost mod_expire mod_fastcgi mod_indexfile
    mod_redirect mod_rewrite mod_scgi mod_setenv mod_simple_vhost mod_staticfile

Changes from 1.4.68

  • [meson] remove t/test_mod_evasive.c
  • [doc] remove references to removed modules
  • [cmake] add doc/CMakeLists.txt to dist tar ball (#3181)
  • [meson] add to install man pages (fixes #3181)
  • [meson] fix typo in sbindir
  • [core] update ls-hpack
  • [cmake] remove -I/usr/include/mysql for mysql.h (#3181)
  • [cmake] add -DWITH_LUA_VERSION= to specify lua ver (#3181)
  • [cmake] use mysql_config cflags and ldflags (#3181)
  • [cmake] do not link with fam if inotify or kqueue
  • [TLS] fix spurious warning trace (fixes #3182)
  • [multiple] codespell: correct spelling in comments
  • [multiple] spelling: github action check-spelling
  • [lemon] upgrade LEMON parser to SQLite maint ver
  • [build] modify arguments to updated LEMON parser
  • [core] build configparser.y w/ -Werror workarounds
  • [lemon] fix -Wpendantic warnings for bad casts
  • [core] avoid accept4() on ARM unless detected
  • [cmake] SERVER_SRC variable
  • [multiple] quiet some coverity false positives
  • [cmake] use LIGHTTPD_MODULES_DIR as relative path (fixes #3185)
  • [core] add missed h2 state transition (fixes #3186)
  • [core] remove cygwin O_NOFOLLOW workaround
  • [multiple] clang -Wstrict-prototypes for C2x
  • [core] reset SIGUSR1 to SIG_DFL before execve()
  • [mod_webdav] modify OPTIONS response if no db cfg
  • [mod_webdav] MOD_WEBDAV_BUILD_MINIMAL preproc opt
  • [core] pass fdn to fdevent_sched_close,_unregister
  • [core] disable sendfile() on TARGET_OS_IPHONE
  • [core] iOS does not provide netinet/tcp_fsm.h
  • [core] move headers to help isolate fdevent layer
  • [core] avoid select() FD_ISSET repeat on active fds
  • [core] gw_backend more precise backend env alloc
  • [core] fdevent_poll_poll avoid potential race
  • [tests] quickly exit tests/request.t if GET / fail
  • [tests] adjust outdated opt in tests/lighttpd.conf
  • [autotools] add mod_evhost to static build list
  • [autotools] skip modules build if LIGHTTPD_STATIC
  • [mod_cgi] cygwin supports CGI file I/O redirection
  • [mod_dirlisting] use fdevent_rename() wrapper
  • [core] path-info in debug trace may be unset
  • [core] reset path-info for cgi.local-redir
  • [autotools] fix typo in -I used --with-pcre2=/path (fixes #3190)
  • [mod_webdav] send 409 Conflict if PUT miss parent
  • [core] fix HTTP/2 HEADERS frame parsing bug
  • [core] remove extra HTTP/2 HEADERS frame len check

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