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does anyone know how to contact the owner of the subject web site. It is a port of lighttpd to windows.
the only email I could find is , which is dead.
I would like to download the zip files from this site, but they are either missing or corrupted.

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RE: - Added by gstrauss over 1 year ago

Not sure how to contact site admin, but have been trying to do so myself (

However, following the instructions on, it should be possible to build it yourself.

FYI: I took a look at and, in the latest lighttpd development master branch, I have independently fixed almost all the changes made in that patch. Do you have a cygwin environment in which to build and test? If so, maybe I can prepare a cygwin Windows patch against the latest lighttpd development master branch.

RE: - Added by gstrauss about 1 year ago

FYI: has now been fixed. You can build lighttpd in a cygwin64 environment and run it outside that environment.