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Huge memory allocation using SSL with webdav

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I'm using the lighttpd mod_webdav over SSL. When I transfer big files (about 100~200 MByte) to the webdav-server lighttpd allocates very much memory.

As I looked through the source I have seen that there is a loop in connections.c which reads as much data as possible from the SSL-Socket before the request is written to tempfiles on disk. In my case this means that the whole file was read into memory in this loop.

I have made a very small change which resolves my problem. The loop is left either when no more data is read from SSL or 5 MByte data is read. Now the memory consumption is much lower than before.

-- stefangmeiner

ssl-memory.patch Magnifier - Patch to connection.c -- stefangmeiner (227 Bytes) Anonymous, 2007-03-04 20:15

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Revision 2480
Added by stbuehler almost 7 years ago

Limit amount of bytes read for one read-event (fixes #1070)


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