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Adaptive spawning with min-procs=>0

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I understand that adaptive spawning is out of action for a while.

I gather it is designed so that at least one process is started and that a check is done periodically (one a second?) and additional processes are spawned if there is an overload.

Maybe this is the plan anyway. It would be great that if min-procs could be set to zero . In this case no processes are started until a request comes in which needs the particular fastcgi. If the fastcgi is not used for a while the number of processes can die back to 0.

Thanks, Richard Collins

-- richard

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Added by gstrauss 12 months ago

[core] adaptive spawning for socket backend procs (fixes #1162)


enable adaptive spawning for socket backend processes

new feature will allow "min-procs" => "0" and will spawn a backend
upon receipt of a request, if no backends are currently running.
This may be useful on resource-limited systems where there is a
seldom-used resource-intensive backend, such as home router
configuration web pages. The first request may be slower as the
backend is starting up, but then subsequent requests within
"idle-timeout" will hit the (temporarily) persistent backend for
faster responses.

"Adaptive spawning with min-procs=>0"



Updated by Anonymous almost 11 years ago

I second that emotion--er, motion. It would be very nice to have at least this much adaptive spawning. Theoretically easier than full adaptive spawning, I should think. Of course, I've never even looked at lighty's code...


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