User Tracking Module

Module mod_usertrack


Clickstream is the series of page visits and associated clicks executed by a website visitor when navigating through the site. Usertrack module sets a cookie on the user's side in order to enable clickstream logging to track user activity.


In order to use mod_usertrack, you need to load it first. Make sure you have following line inside your configuration file:

server.modules = {


Sets the domain name to which this cookie applies.
e.g.: usertrack.cookie-domain = ""

Sets the maximum duration in seconds of the cookie. If not specified it will not add a 'max-age' to the cookie, meaning it will not expire.
e.g.: usertrack.cookie-max-age = 60

This option allows the setting of the name of the cookie. The default is 'TRACKID'. Currently it only allows a-z.
e.g.: usertrack.cookie-name = "mycookie"