[Solved] A question about lighttpd dynamic cache

Added by ouyang.wei.victor 3 months ago

I built a web server through lighttpd, and the backend is cgi. Each of my web pages is automatically refreshed every 5 seconds (dynamically requesting cgi to obtain data), but when multiple identical web pages are refreshed frequently, system resources are exhausted. waste. I would like to know if lighttpd has implemented such a function to cache the responded cgi data, and if the same request occurs within a certain validity period, it will directly return the cached content instead of repeatedly requesting cgi.

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RE: A question about lighttpd dynamic cache - Added by gstrauss 3 months ago


Do not ask questions before you have looked at the documentation.
I am rude to people who ask questions without first making an effort to find the answer in the existing documentation.

If you looked through the documentation and did not find something, then you might ask a question to confirm that you did not overlook something.

lighttpd does not implement a caching proxy. You can use mod_magnet to check the age of a file and to regenerate the file if it is outdated by whatever policy you wish to apply. You could also do something similar in your CGI.