[Solved] Possible gap in mod_accesslog documentation

Added by arcsector 5 months ago

I see that in there was a resolution linked for a syslog facility option ( that is absent from the documentation for mod_accesslog here:

I would expect to see some documentation of this feature, if it in fact was implemented and merged to the package. Am I missing something or am I perhaps reading this wrong, or should there be a documentation entry for this?

Thanks for the help - very excited to start recommending lighttpd to everyone!

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RE: Possible gap in mod_accesslog documentation - Added by gstrauss 5 months ago

server.syslog-facility supports server.errorlog-use-syslog and both are documented on Configuration: Options

It is true that if server.syslog-facility is configured and server.errorlog-use-syslog = "enable", then the same syslog facility is used if mod_accesslog is configured with accesslog.use-syslog = "enable". However, looking at the code, if server.errorlog-use-syslog is not enabled, then server.syslog-facility is not currently used, even if accesslog.use-syslog = "enable". If I change that, then I'll update mod_accesslog to add a reference to server.syslog-facility.

In any case, you are also welcome to edit the wiki if you think something could be made clearer. Constructive contributions are encouraged (and may be further reviewed and edited).