Feature #1134

allow for SSI to execute files with query string-like parameters

Added by mike503 almost 13 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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zeus currently supports this. not sure if apache does it. i'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature.

currently it tries to process the entire string as a file. it doesn't split on "?" for the query string. while i think it's improper design, i'm sure there's some other (poorly designed) websites out there.

2007-04-21 17:55:38: (response.c.611) Path         : /home/foo/web/
2007-04-21 17:55:38: (mod_ssi.c.581) ssi: stating failed  /home/foo/web/
galleries/foo.php?id=1234 No such file or directory
2007-04-21 17:55:38: (response.c.622) -- subrequest finished

foobar.htm contents:

<!--#include virtual="/galleries/foo.php?id=1234"-->

Updated by darix almost 13 years ago

lighttpd doesnt support calling into *cgi for virtual


Updated by mike503 almost 13 years ago

would this be something mod_magnet might be able to do?

if so... i'd be willing to pay someone to make the appropriate lua script to do it.


Updated by gstrauss almost 4 years ago

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Updated by gstrauss over 3 years ago

  • Target version deleted (1.5.0)

Updated by gstrauss over 3 years ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Low

lighttpd doesnt support calling into *cgi for virtual

Changing to low priority. This would be a fair amount of effort to implement, as lighttpd 1.4.x does not currently implement full subrequests within a handler.

mike503: if still interested in sponsoring this feature, please contact me (email on my github page)

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