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[PATCH] Allow disabling of access log in specific directories

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This patch allows a user to disable logging in a specific directory. Right now, as a hack, I set the file name to /dev/null to do this. However, that's ugly and wastes cpu power generating useless log entries. This patch allows you to set an empty file name, which effectively disables logging for that configuration.

-- bmaurer


lighttpd-empty-accesslog.patch (1.06 KB) lighttpd-empty-accesslog.patch patch -- bmaurer Anonymous, 2007-08-08 23:53

Updated by darix over 12 years ago

a more simple approach is to not define a global access log and only configure it inside the conditionals where you really want it.

what do you think about that?


Updated by Anonymous over 12 years ago

My setup has quite a few conditionals, few of which need logging omitted. I'd also be worried about adding a conditional and forgetting to add logging.

Given that in a conditional you can change the location of the log, it seems only logical that you can also choose to have the log omitted.

-- bmaurer


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Fixed in r2162

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