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mod_auth ldap rework

Added by dev-zero about 12 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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While looking at the bugs currently present, a rework of the ldap-authentication in mod_auth is needed.
The patch I'll attach not only fixes a couple of bugs, it also makes lighttpd use the new ldap api and makes it possible to start lighttpd even if the ldap-server is not reachable, which looses the service dependencies.

In detail, it fixes the following tickets: #464, #529, #1066, #1090, #1093, #1096

What is needed in addition to this is an update of the documentation and the configuration-file.



Updated by dev-zero about 12 years ago

What has changed in the configuration file is that the attribute "hostname" has been replaced by "url".
In addition, I think that this code handles errors better than the original one.


Updated by glen about 12 years ago

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Updated by glen about 12 years ago

Committed revision r2062

Please don't forget to update the documentation. and perhaps make the old hostname also supported and mark it as deprecated with T_CONFIG_DEPRECATED?


Updated by shogsbro about 12 years ago

This fails to build for me and another person (see tickets #1536 & #1538)


Updated by glen about 12 years ago

how about the backward compatible option?

and please update also config in doc and for tests:

WARNING: unknown config-key: auth.backend.ldap.hostname (ignored)

Updated by glen about 12 years ago

Committed revision r2067 for compile errors when ldap was not enabled


Updated by gstrauss over 3 years ago

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Fixed. Above notes indicate that the patch was committed to lighttpd-1.5.x branch.

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