Bug #1763

mod_proxy_backend_ajp13 is cleaning request_uri

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subset of my conf file

server.modules = ( "mod_proxy_core", "mod_proxy_backend_ajp13")
$HTTP["host"] == "" {
   proxy-core.balancer = "round-robin" 
   proxy-core.protocol = "ajp13" 
   proxy-core.backends = ( "localhost:8009" )
   proxy-core.max-pool-size = 25

i want to be able to use this URL:

however, tomcat ends up seeing the following path


i want to avoid the URI munging. if i were to use tomcat directly, this munging doesn't happen...

-- eleith


Updated by stbuehler over 11 years ago

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Just use the "REQUEST_URI" var to get the original uri; all "sane" url handling wants a clean path without things like "//" and "/../".


Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

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  • Resolution deleted (wontfix)

we are using REQUEST_URI, and we are losing access to the original URI.

if we use mod_proxy_backend_http, request_uri is not cleaned (as expected), but when using ajp13, our request_uri is cleaned.

we have had to switch to using the http proxy in order to get the expected results.

-- eleith


Updated by stbuehler over 11 years ago

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It looks like there is no possibility in ajp13 to send the original uri and the decoded and sanitized and rewritten one. Imho sending only the original uri is not an option, so i will close this again as wontfix.

If you have a better idea please share it with us, thx.

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