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ssi virtual include uses wrong path

Added by Anonymous almost 18 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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I'm trying to execute something like in user home directory and lighttpd instead of referering to user's home directory eg. /home/user/www/cgi/counter.cgi it always refers to server document root (/var/www/html) eg.

2005-08-23 19:12:48: (mod_ssi.c.578) ssi: stating failed /var/www/html/~user/cgi/counter.cgi No such file or directory

-- gringo at slonko d0t net


lighttpd-mod-ssi-basic-tests.patch (2.52 KB) lighttpd-mod-ssi-basic-tests.patch Testcases for common include statements conny, 2006-02-10 14:07
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Updated by conny over 17 years ago

"include virtual" works for me, but then instead scripts aren't executed!?

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Updated by conny over 17 years ago

So the

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Updated by Anonymous over 17 years ago

In general virtual works, but not in combination with mod_userdir (that was my problem). I cannot make lighttpd to execute certain executable from user's home directory. I haven't tried the latest lighttpd from svn repository, but I believe it still does not work..

Some explanation to initial bug report:
/var/www/html - server document root
/home/user/www - user's homepage root
/home/user/www/cgi/counter.cgi - CGI I want to execute
/home/user/www/index.html - SHTML file containing ''

Normally I would expect that /home/user/www/cgi/counter.cgi would be executed by instead lighttpd looks for '/var/www/html/~user/cgi/counter.cgi' which isn't what I was looking for..

-- gringo

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Updated by Anonymous over 16 years ago


-- Hillary

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Updated by stbuehler over 14 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.4.20 to 1.4.21
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Updated by icy over 14 years ago

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Updated by stbuehler about 14 years ago

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mod_ssi has low priority, especially if there is no patch.

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Updated by gstrauss over 7 years ago

untested, but would using con->physical.basedir instead of con->physical.doc_root work?

diff --git a/src/mod_ssi.c b/src/mod_ssi.c
index f3f255b..b5fe3b5 100644
--- a/src/mod_ssi.c
+++ b/src/mod_ssi.c
@@ -537,7 +537,7 @@ static int process_ssi_stmt(server *srv, connection *con, plugin_data *p, const

                        /* we have an uri */

-                       buffer_copy_buffer(p->stat_fn, con->physical.doc_root);
+                       buffer_copy_buffer(p->stat_fn, con->physical.basedir);
                        buffer_append_string_buffer(p->stat_fn, srv->tmp_buf);

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Updated by gstrauss over 7 years ago

Please note that other than for limited error handling, lighttpd does not have the concept of "internal subrequest" as Apache does. Adding such a feature is possible, but probably a substantial amount of work. SSI includes in lighttpd are currently limited to direct inclusion of file, not the output of processing the path through an "internal subrequest", so no "#include virtual" executing a CGI. SSI in lighttpd does not support "#exec cgi", either, though "#exec cmd" is supported. I mention this because one of the tests you suggested in your attached patch expect #include to work. (BTW, thanks for writing some tests!)

It should be simpler to patch lighttpd to support the common case of "#include virtual" of a file relative to a userdir from within that userdir. Alas, the patch I posted in a prior comment (above) is too simple. It does not remove /~username from paths. I have a slightly larger patch, but still localized in mod_ssi.c, which does so. If there is interest in this small extension to lighttpd SSI, I'll test and post the patch. However, it seems as if there might be a desire for a much more featureful mod_ssi.c, more than what a small patch can provide for this issue ticket.

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Updated by gstrauss about 7 years ago

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I am submitting a patch to adjust paths relative to changes made by mod_alias and mod_userdir.
This addresses the bug described by the ticket title "ssi virtual include uses wrong path"

Note: this still works only for direct file inclusion using #include virtual="..."
lighttpd mod_ssi does not perform an "internal subrequest" for the
virtual path, so things like virtual include of CGI are not supported

If interested in more featureful #include virtual functionality, please file a new issue as a feature request, not as a bug.

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Updated by gstrauss about 7 years ago

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