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client download file from lighttpd server, why /var/tmp will generates temporary file?

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Hi all,

I am using embedded device with lighttpd 1.4.45 + cgi module. The client downloads file from lighttpd server, then the CGI module will be called to send random data content from memory with the client specific file size. For example, if the client requests 100M file size, then the CGI program sends 100M contents out from memory.

However, I found that when the client downloads file, the /var/tmp will also generate total 100M files which are names with prefix "lighttpd-upload-". And it will deletes after the client downloads file complete. From the document, I know that this is used for file upload, not file download. So, why I download the file from lighttpd server, it will generate random file? Is it a bug?

Please note that I run this on embedded device, therefore, the RAM and Flash resource is limited.


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Nope, not a bug.
See Server_stream-response-bodyDetails
See also cgi.x-sendfile in Docs_ModCGI


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Sorry, I read the doc but I did not notice this setting.
For avoids take credit on StackOverflow, I delete the post. But trust me, I just want share the knowledge to others.


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Thank you for the feedback. I will add some more references in the doc.

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