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lighttpd: 1.4.48-1 - missing mod_openssl module in OpenWrt/LEDE 17.01.04 release

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On OpenWrt/LEDE Lighttpd broken for SSL - 1.4.48-2 failing to compile :
On the 25th April 2018, in the stable release of OpenWrt/LEDE, lighttpd 1.4.45-3 was updated to lighttpd 1.4.48-1.
In 1.4.48-1, the mod_openssl module is missing so consequently Lighttpd in 17.01.04 is currently broken for SSL/TLS.

OpenWrt/LEDE Snapshot includes 1.4.48-2 (the version fixing the missing module), but this is failing to compile for at least all mips and arm architectures.

I have created an issue on Github, , but no response yet. This is critical for me at least as I have automated custom firmware builds for various architectures that currently do not work :-(

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I had tried fixing things a long time ago in and other patches, but the maintainers could not provide info on failures on very specific platforms.

Please stop posting LEDE bugs here. (see your previous post in #2820)

The bug is with LEDE and can not be fixed here. (and posting here absolutely will not cause me to look at LEDE issues. It will do the opposite of what you intend.)

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Updated by avij over 4 years ago

This seems more like a packaging issue and not a lighttpd issue.

However, the "fails to compile" bit may still be interesting. Unfortunately you did not specify any kind of details about that, so it's very difficult for anyone to help you.

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Apologies if I hit a raw nerve. Lighttpd is an excellent package but unfortunately the maintainers of it on OpenWrt/LEDE do not seem to be very responsive and something happened over there in April such that the Lighttpd package updated from a working version to a known broken version.
I am willing to help in any way I can and will look closely over there to see if I can identify what happened.
It might be useful for everyone's benefit to have a pinned notice (or similar) on here pointing OpenWrt package issues to the correct place.


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