Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.24
  • Previous version: 1.4.23
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: stable
  • Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Release manager: stbuehler
  • Released date: 2009-10-25

"Now with TLS SNI and money back guarantee"

We finally added TLS SNI, and many other small improvements. We also fixed pipelining (that should fix problem with lighty as debian mirror) and some mod_fastcgi bugs - this should result in improved handling of overloaded and crashed backends (you know which one :D).

Important Changes

  • Connection state handling (pipelining should work now)
  • FastCGI fixes: improved disabled-time handling, fixed bug in active-backends counter.
  • TLS SNI support


Changes from 1.4.23

  • Add T_CONFIG_INT for bigger integers from the config (needed for #1966)
  • Use unsigned int (and T_CONFIG_INT) for max_request_size
  • Use unsigned int for secdownload.timeout (fixes #1966)
  • Keep url/host values from connection to display information while keep-alive in mod_status (fixes #1202)
  • Add server.breakagelog, a "special" stderr (fixes #1863)
  • Fix config evaluation for debug.log-timeouts option (#1529)
  • Add "cgi.execute-x-only" to mod_cgi, requires +x for cgi scripts (fixes #2013)
  • Fix FD_SETSIZE comparision warnings
  • Add "lua-5.1" to searched pkg-config names for lua
  • Fix unused function webdav_lockdiscovery in mod_webdav
  • cmake: Fix crypt lib check
  • cmake: Add -export-dynamic to link flags, fixes build on FreeBSD
  • Set FD_CLOEXEC for bound sockets before pipe-logger forks (fixes #2026)
  • Reset ignored signals to SIG_DFL before exec() in fastcgi/scgi (fixes #2029)
  • Show "no uri specified -> 400" error only when "debug.log-request-header-on-error" is enabled (fixes #2030)
  • Fix hanging connection in mod_scgi (fixes #2024)
  • Allow digits in hostnames in more places (fixes #1148)
  • Use connection_reset instead of handle_request_done for cleanup callbacks
  • Change mod_expire to append Cache-Control instead of overwriting it (fixes #1997)
  • Allow all comparisons for $SERVER["socket"] - only bind for "=="
  • Remove strptime failed message (fixes #2031)
  • Fix issues found with clang analyzer
  • Try to fix server.tag issue with localized svnversion
  • Fix handling network-write return values (#2024)
  • Use disable-time in fastcgi for all disables after errors, default is 1sec (fixes #2040)
  • Remove adaptive spawning code from fastcgi (was disabled for a long time)
  • Allow mod_mysql_vhost to use stored procedures (fixes #2011, thx Ben Brown)
  • Fix ipv6 in mod_proxy (fixes #2043)
  • Print errors from include_shell to stderr
  • Set tm.tm_isdst = 0 before mktime() (fixes #2047)
  • Use linux-epoll by default if available (fixes #2021, thx Olaf van der Spek)
  • Print an error if you use too many captures in a regex pattern (fixes #2059)
  • Combine Cache-Control header value in mod_expire to existing HTTP header if header already added by other modules (fixes #2068)
  • Remember keep-alive-idle in separate variable (fixes #1988)
  • Fix header inclusion order, always include "config.h" before any system header
  • mod_webdav: Patch to skip login information for domain part of Destination field (fixes #1793)
  • mod_webdav: Delete old properties before updating new for MOVE (fixes #1317)
  • Read hostname from absolute uris in the request line (fixes #1937)
  • mod_fastcgi: don't disable backend if disable-time is 0 (fixes #1825)
  • mod_compress: match partial+full content-type (fixes #1552)
  • mod_fastcgi: fix is_local detection, respawn backends if bin-path is set (fixes #897)
  • Fix linger-on-close behaviour to avoid rare failure conditions (was r2636, fixes #657)
  • mod_fastcgi: restart local procs immediately after they terminated, fix local procs handling
  • Fix segfault on invalid config "duplicate else conditions" (fixes #2065)
  • mod_usertrack: Use T_CONFIG_INT for max-age, solves range problem (#1455)
  • mod_accesslog: configurable timestamp logging (fixes #1479)
  • always define _GNU_SOURCE
  • Add some iterators for mod_magnet (fixes #1307)
  • Fix close_timeout_ts trigger (should finally fix lingering close)
  • mod_rewrite: add url.rewrite-[repeat-]if-not-file to rewrite if file doesn't exist or is not a regular file (fixes #985, thx lucas aerbeydt)
  • Add TLS servername indication (SNI) support (fixes #386, thx Peter Colberg <>)
  • Add SSL Client Certificate verification (#1288)
  • mod_fastcgi: Fix host->active_procs counter, return 503 if connect wasn't successful after 5 tries (fixes #1825)
  • mod_accesslog: escape special characters (fixes #1551, thx icy)
  • fix mod_webdav crash from #1793 (fixes #2084, thx hiroya)
  • Don't print ssl error if client didn't support TLS SNI
  • Fix linger close timeout handling, drop timeout to 5 seconds (fixes #2086)
  • Fix broken return values from int to enum in mod_fastcgi

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